37 Things to Thank God For

In honour of reaching my 37th year, I sat down this morning to think about 37 things in my life I’m thankful to God for. Here they are – in the order they came to me.

I’m thankful to God for…

  1. My husband, D and almost 17 years of marriage. He is an amazing man who has supported me through some hard seasons. He’s seen the best and the worst of me, and still loves me.
  2. My boys, M and O. Every day they teach me and refine me (and reflect my sinfulness) as I journey through life as their mum.
  3. A loving family – Parents, Brothers, In-Laws, 9 Nieces and Nephews, and extended family as well.
  4. My Poppa. I love him so much he gets his own entry. He’s in his 90s and still the strongest person I know.
  5. Friendships that have endured over many years (some 10, 25, even 30 years!)
  6. Friendships I have been blessed to form in just the last few years.
  7. My church family and the 25 years I have been a member of my church.
  8. Wider fellowship networks with Christians all over Sydney, Australia and the world.
  9. A roof over my head to keep the rain out (especially on a day like today).
  10. The Shire (yep – I’m one of *those* people!
  11. Sydney and Australia – my sunburnt country – her droughts and flooding rains.
  12. Wuhan, China – my one-time adopted city, my experience living there, and my love for the many friends and brothers and sisters I met in that city.
  13. God Families – we chose my sons’ God Parents well and I love all 4 of them and their children. And I love our Godson, too.
  14. God’s Word – a lamp to my path, living and active, which will accomplish what God sends it to do.
  15. God’s kindness in offering forgiveness through the life, death and resurrection of his son Jesus Christ.
  16. God’s calling on my life to offer myself as a living sacrifice.
  17. My current colleagues in my new job, and the blessing it is to work with such an amazing team of God-honouring people.
  18. My former colleagues in my old job, and the blessing it was to make so many friends with hearts for God’s work in schools.
  19. The education system in Australia and the many ways it blessed me – even the blessing of my HECS Debt.
  20. The sound of rain as it has been falling constantly today on what was until recently a very parched land.
  21. The air in my lungs, the beating of my heart, and the knowledge that every one is ordained by my God.
  22. Running, the freedom it gives me, and the accomplishment I feel when I see my (not very impressive) PBs getting shorter and shorter.
  23. The community at my sons’ school and the amazing friends we have made there.
  24. Cheese – one of my few remaining vices!
  25. Good Coffee.
  26. Antidepressants that work.
  27. Stephen Colbert (another form of antidepressant).
  28. Podcasts to fall asleep to (or to keep me company when I can’t sleep).
  29. Libraries and bookstores.
  30. Music from the 1990s and the memories it evokes.
  31. Music we sing at church (especially when many voices are making joyful noise to the Lord).
  32. Music in my headphones that draws me closer to God, and reminds me of how great Jesus is.
  33. Tracky-dack weather.
  34. Comfortable slippers on a cold winter morning.
  35. Papermate profile 1.4B Black (my pen of choice).
  36. Notebooks with random scribbles (like the one I wrote this list in).
  37. My LORD and KING and SAVIOUR Jesus Christ.

One comment

  1. jessicaetilley · February 15, 2020

    Great idea and great list Jenn. Hope you had a lovely Birthday.


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