Christian Podcast Recommendations

I love podcasts.

Over the last few years, popping in an earbud (only one) and tuning into the spoken word has been the primary way I relax at the end of the day. And I literally mean the end of the day – I will fall asleep at night with my iPad under my pillow and the voice of a podcast host in my hear, coaxing me off to sleep.

To my shame, though, I have to admit that my regular diet of podcasts does not reflect the content in the list below. While I do listen to these Christian shows, I invariably find myself selecting temporary political news shows over the living and enduring word of God.

But when I am exercising some self-control about my listening habits, these are the shows I tune in to. I’d be keen to hear if you have any other recommendations.

The Bible Project

safe_image (1)The guys at the Bible Project have a series of amazing youtube clips about God’s word that I’ve discussed elsewhere. But in this podcast series they go into further depth about the theological thinking underpinning each video they make. Tim Mackie is a self-described “Bible Nerd”, and it shows, but some of the insights he has are amazing. And even though I have been stretched and challenged in my Biblical understanding, Tim and his co-host Jon present the content in a easily-understood way.

Tim’s sermons have also been collected at Exploring My Strange Bible.


safe_image (3)This podcast is uploaded from a British radio series. Each week, the host has a Christian and a Non-Christian debate an issue surrounding Christianity. Topics and guests come from a range of areas – Science, Philosophy, and other religions. Some deep thinking, and helpful to be able to hear the opinions of those who disagree with our message – and their reasons why.


safe_image (2)This is a short series of about 6 episodes in which one Christian and one former Christian discuss the reasons for and against belief in the Gospel. Unlike Unbelievable, this series isn’t structured as a debate, but rather it chronicles two men as they passionately search for the reasons they believe the things they do.

Word Matters

safe_image (5)I love this series for two reasons. One – each episode is short and sharp, over and done with in under 20 minutes (which for me listening on double-speed is only 10!). And Two – each episode is packed full of helpful content. Hosts Trevin Wax and Brandon Smith take a passage of scripture which is notoriously difficult to understand (such as “Blessed are those who mourn” in Matthew 5; “the abomination which causes desolation” in Matthew 24; or the “thorn” in Paul’s flesh in 2 Corinthians 12). They present different interpretations, give reasons for the ones they’d prefer, then in conclusion they discuss how they’d teach such a passage in a church context. For a content-to-minute ratio, this podcast is at the top of my list.

SMBC Principal’s Hour Express

safe_image (4)I have to declare that I was a part-time student at SMBC up until the middle of last year – but that doesn’t remove the fact that the teaching at Principal’s hour includes some of the most helpful and challenging sermons I’ve ever heard. (Ironically, I actually listened to the talks more regularly when I was living in another country – not when I attended the college as I was never there on Principal’s hour days!).

Jannali Anglican Church Sermons

170x170bbI can’t not include the teaching roster from my own church. I have been so blessed by the faithful Biblical theology delivered by the ministry staff over the more than 20 years I have been a member.


Friends’ Recommendations

I put the call out on Facebook for some other Podcasts. These are a few my friends have shared and why they recommend them. I’m looking forward to checking them out!

Risen Motherhood

safe_image (1)S says “I love that it is so focused on how the gospel effects every part of our life and every episode goes through a biblical theology of whatever topic is being discussed. It isn’t always super practical but often gives general biblical principles for dealing with the different issues it discusses.”


The Word Grows

safe_imageL Says “This podcast Tom Habib, an Anglican minister out at Yagoona. It has a good mix of Bible (currently looking at gospel of John), doctrines you should know, practical tips – the first one has some great tips on personal Bible reading, and how to read the Bible with toddlers.”

What about you? What do you think? Are there any glaring omissions? Any suggestions for podcasts I should try?

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